Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, I am doing the Baby and Kids Market next weekend with my Cocoons and I should be knitting right now to get some more stock happening, but I am being lead astray by twitter, ebay, blog following, and watching Daddy and Stells play baseball on the Wii. Have cleaned my desk at least and sorted out all my wools so that is a good thing, but time to start another one, hmm which colour will I do???

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad day today

I'm sure everybody has boogied along to a Michael Jackson song at some stage over the years, I know I have plenty of times, and thou he was a bit strange it his later life, it is just so hard to believe that he is gone. What will become of those children? Your star shines bright tonight Michael...RIP

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And so it begins...

Well, finally I am getting around to starting my blog. It is quite nerve-racking to write the first post, not knowing exactly what to say and what not to say. But I just love reading everybody else's blogs that I thought it was definitely time for me to get in on the action. ( what am I worried about, no one will be reading this anyway!)
So a bit about me, well I am married and we have 3 beautiful kids, Stella who is 3, Oscar who is 2 and India who is 15 weeks old. Currently we live in Adelaide and have now for 7 months, this is due to hubbies work, prior to moving to Adelaide I had never been to SA before but so far it is ok, although it would be nice to have the support and company of friends and family. Not the first move with his work though and I am sure it won't be the last! I am looking forward to the day that we get to move back to Brisbane permanently though.
Currently I am getting used to being a mother of three, although India is the easiest by far, it is the other 2 that are the real handfuls, but we are getting there and getting through. Stella starts pre-kindy next month and I am so excited to have her out of the house 1 afternoon a week - is it bad of me to say that?? Maybe it is worse that I will be ecstatic come September when she goes 4 sessions a week! hehe
I am starting to sell my "Womb with a View" Baby Cocoons more seriously and I really just want to have the time to really get that happening, but slowly I am getting there. Starting to get the creative juices flowing again after a bit of a drought and am looking forward to dragging the sewing machine and the craft boxes out and starting on a few more projects - watch this space.
Well, that might be enough for the first one, need to learn how to do all the interesting things that I see on everybody else's blogs. But for now I will post some photos of the lovelies that we had taken by a fabulous photographer (and friend) in Brisbane, Nat.