Sunday, July 26, 2009

Win a Baby Cocoon!

If you would like the opportunity to win one of my Womb with a View Baby Cocoon's then head over here. Jo from Lovestamp is featuring me on her Sunday Giveaways, so make sure you go and visit her blog to learn all about the competition Good Luck!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Made This....

Want to win a fabulous craft book, the reprint of "Meet me at Mikes"? Well all you have to do is go here and follow the instructions!
This is a softie that I made a little while ago, I have a few of his friends cut out and ready to go but haven't gotten around to putting them together yet - too many things to do, not enough hours in the day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Her First Day

Well, it has been a while since my last post, but I'm not sure there has really been anything too exciting to blog about. My Sister Erin and My Niece Erin have been down from Coolum to stay, so that was nice to see them. The kids loved having Mia around and it was nice to see Erin interact with them in a more affectionate way than I was expecting. Wish she was more like this with me, but it is a work in progress and is always improving - ( our strained relationship is due to her being the middle child in my opinion and perhaps she has never gotten over the fact that I came along and ruined her day? - it's ok for me to say this as I am pretty sure she is not reading this and if she is well that's ok too, nothing she doesn't already know)... But what does a 13 year old do with her 3 year old cousin????? Well she gets out the GHD's and straightens my beautiful baby girls beautiful curls!!! Needless to say Stella loved having straight hair and thinks she might like this on a semi-regular basis, HA! yeah right - not on my watch!
Indi has been lacking a bit in the weight-gaining department (not so her Mother!) but after lots of monitoring and testing and visits too the doctor and the clinic and the pediatrician, I think she is finally starting to pick up, tomorrows weigh in will be the test, but hopefully my little 19 weeker is on her way to 5KG - come on girl you can do it!

Oscar is moving up to his "Big Boys Bed" this weekend and then Indi will finally get the cot and will be able to move out of the port-a-cot. I am looking forward to getting her room a bit more established once the cot is in the room.

And today my little girl Stellsie started Kindy! Wow time flies. She was super ready for it though and though there was lots of tears when I dropped her off - not from her though, from Oscar who didn't want to leave, he wanted to stay with Stellsie too. Poor little man. I am definitely going to look into getting him into Day Care one day a week, just so he gets some extra stimulation and interaction with some little people other than Stella. I too would love a day or two where I don't have all 3 of them, wow I won't know what to do with myself if they are both out of the house. - Ha, who am I kidding it would be bliss, and I would have heaps to do!

I have been buying up a storm on lots of beautiful fabrics to start a whole array of quilting projects, can't wait to get all my parcels in the mail - I will be sure to post once they all arrive. I could just look at beautiful fabrics all day long. I am justifying all the spending as it being part of my birthday present which is coming up soon, and also hopefully I might start selling some cot quilts and other bits and pieces once I get going. I have signed up to do a Doll Quilt Swap, so once I find out who my swap partner is I will get started on it and will keep you updated on my progress. My Cocoons are still going well, have had a bit of an influx in the last week, so have been kept busy knitting, but am glad that I have had a bit of a stock pile at the moment so that I am not knitting breakfast lunch and dinner!

Anyway, should get to bed sometime before the clock strikes 2:00! But I think there are a lot of us that are up late, I often get newsletters and blog updates sent to me at all sorts of ungodly hours of the morning, and I just go - yep I know how it is!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st Made It Sale!!

Well it was very exciting when I turned on my Mac monday morning to find that I had had my first Made It sale. Considering I had only listed the chosen Cocoon on Saturday night, I think this is pretty good, lets hope it continues in this fashion! So thanks Nicole from Nelligen (never heard of this place before), your "Womb with a View" is on its way.

"Sweet" treats in the mail...

I love getting parcels in the mail and lately I have been getting a lot - well a lot of supplies, but this one is something fun that arrived for me and India. She gets the Camille Softie and the "Just a Matter Of Time" print for her bedroom and I get the "Laughter is Contagious" print. They came from Sweet William who have some really wonderful pieces in their etsy store, and as I was their 100th Etsy customer I got one of my prints for free! Got to love that! They also have a great blog which you can visit here. Can't wait to set Indi's room up properly and put up this print. (We are picking up Oscar's "big boys bed" later this week and then Indi will have a cot - at last!) Aren't they just the *Sweetest*...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well I have loaded a number of Cocoons onto Etsy and Made it this weekend and I have gotten my website uploaded as well, now I just have to get some sales!! It is all very exciting, but what will be more exciting will be getting my first sale from one of these sites! Looking into a couple of other markets to go to at the moment and am also looking at expanding into other areas of the handmade world so stay tuned.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Won something!!!!!

Could not believe it tonight when I got an email from Kids Fashion Review saying that I should check out the forum because I had won something in their scavenger hunt. Wowee! I won the YmamaY girls pack which consists of lots of yummy clothing for Indi including 2 tutus, bodysuits, tops, leggings, cardis and a jacket. Can't wait to see it all, I am so excited - I never win anything. I will be sure to take some pics once it all arrives! Yay for me! (and Indi more so, cause she will be wearing it).

Monday, July 6, 2009

To Market, To Market

Well on Sunday morning after 45mins sleep I jumped into the loaded up car and went to my first markets as a seller not a buyer! It was very exciting, and my cocoons were very well received. I think my stall looked pretty good too, well for a first attempt. Now just have to find somewhere else to exhibit at, doesn't seem to be too many options for Art and Craft type Markets here in Adelaide, but I am looking into a few different options. Hopefully this is the start of something exciting!

Bless her little cotton socks...

Sometimes your kids just say something that makes all the hard things seem insignificant, and it just fills your heart with love and your eyes with tears and it makes life seem that little bit easier. The other day Stella was looking at my diamond M necklace and I told her that Mummy wore that for the first time at Mummy and Daddy's wedding and that I also wore it at the birth of her, Oscar and India, and in all her 3yr 10month goodness she said " Oh wow mummy that is so special, would I be allowed to wear it when I have my own baby Mummy?" I could have just balled my eyes out, it was one of the loveliest things to have ever come out of her mouth and so heartfelt. Oh the love...