Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here is a wrap up of some of the swaps I have been involved in over the last few months.

These blocks were for the Quilting Divas Bee - I had to make 6 blocks of my own choice - I choose a string block, and they had to be made in the colours of the other Bee members choosing. I think they all turned out really well, the string block in my opinion is always very effective.
These are the blocks that I have received back so far (still waiting on one, and I haven't made one for myself) I asked for blocks in yellow, gray and white and they were to match this cushion that I received in the last Pillow Talk Swap. I am going to make a quilt to co-ordinate with the cushion from these blocks and others that I will need to make to add to them.

These are the blocks that I have made for my Bee Scrappy group :

And these were for my Beehive Group:
I also participated in another Urban Home Goods Swap and this is what I made,
and these are the most wonderful items that I received from Laura!

Look at all that FMF!! In heaven.

Then I participated in the Doll Quilt Swap No.10, the DQS was the first swap I ever particpated in back in 2009 so I thought it was time to give it another go.
This is what I made for my partner Jill and I really loved this one and didn't really want to send it away! But is was well received so I am happy it has gone to someone that loves it equally as much as I do.
This is the gorgeous quilt that I received from Lauree who had made me the cushion above (Imagine getting the same person in two separate swaps when you could have gotten the pick of 150 odd people from all corners of the earth! Lucky for me though, because he work is beautiful and we have very similar style).

Next was the MMM - Make Mine Modern Swap, this was the first time I had ever participated in this swap and it was a great one! The guidelines were you had to send 1 handmade item, 1 item to decorate your sewing space with and 1.5yards of fabric, which could be made up with your choice of fabric cuts or pre-cuts.
This is what I made my partner Kat (also the mosaic picture above is taken from Kat's blog)- I was pretty happy with the selection that I sent her and I was super happy with what I received from Liz! I was spoilt rotten. (Included Market Apron, Pincushion Caddy, Coin Purse, Fabric Basket, another Pincushion, Lotta Jansdotter Post it Notes - so cute and gorgeous fabrics including Denyse Schmidt, Echino and Sherbet Pips)
Such a great swap, think I will have to be in this one again!

There were a couple of other swaps as well which I were for SIT so I will put them in that post.
And finally I have signed up for the Brooch swap over at Flowerpress, (you too can join, sign ups are open till May 10) this should be heaps of fun, and I am hoping that I will get some inspiration when I visit Bowerbird Bazaar tomorrow :)

Hello my name is Megan and I am a blogger????

Thought I had better introduce myself again seen as though it has been 3 months since I last blogged. I am sick of making excuses and every post being an apology, so I will just say that I really want to keep blogging more regularly but if it just doesn't happen then I will see you when I see you. I think this is a better mindset to have and at least that way I don't feel so guilty all the time.

Wow, the last 3 months have been busy busy busy! The following few posts will document some of the more exciting things that have happened, but basically there has been a lot of every day things happening, throw that in with a few interstate trips, some sewing, some markets, a sewing workshop and lots of school activities, holidays, Kindy and Day-care.

Everyone is doing really well, Willow is growing up so quickly, India has started going to Day-care one day a week and absolutely loves going to Sandi's house, Oscar has started Full time Kindy - 4 sessions a week and Stella is loving School which is great! PK is going well, hoping for a move with work relatively soon, so we will see what comes of that, and me well I am overwhelmingly busy all the time, which often results in less getting done than I would hope for. I'm sure alot of Mums can relate to this though. I hate taking about weight and so I will never really say much about it anywhere, but I am proud to say that I have lost 11+kg in the last 3 months and my goal is to have lost the rest in the next 6 months. Paul and I are starting Michelle Bridges (The Biggest Loser) 12 week Body Transformation which starts later in the month so hopefully combined with what I have already been doing this will bring more success in the weight loss department.

Ok, so there is the first post - well done me for just doing it and getting back into blogging again! Stay tuned for the next installment :)
Is this really as close as we are going to get to a nice shot of all 4 kids??