Sunday, December 19, 2010

Retromummy Giveaway

Corrie from Retromummy is having a massive giveaway over on her blog. You can win one of 2 prize packs containing 20(!) fat quarters of Flower Sugar!! Such sweet fabricy goodness, you must pop over and enter.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Must Blog! Must Blog! Must Blog!!

Ok, how on earth am I going to find a way to blog regularly?????? There must be an easy way to fit this into the day/week/month/year, any suggestions my fellow bloggers? I often have thoughts throughout the day of things I want to blog about, but then don't remember to actually blog, but I really want to, I do, so I just have to find a way to make it happen! So, as soon as I give Indi her lunch and then feed Willow and do some house work and get 2 orders packaged up to be sent out this afternoon, and update some etsy/madeit listings I will be back - I promise! (maybe....) unitl then here is a cute pic of my 3 girls (sorry Ozzie) xxx

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stella is 5!

My baby girl is not a baby anymore :( 5 years old and off to school after the holidays, I can't believe it, that 5 years has just flow by. So today was the big (little) birthday party, and I think she really enjoyed herself. It was a rainbow themed party and though I wish I had an extra 2 hours to hang all the tissue pom poms and to get the cake just perfect, it all worked out fine and a great time was had by all. Now that it is all over I can focus on my upcoming markets - I have so many coming up and I am not very prepared!!! And also on sewing some school uniforms, and I would love to have a few hours to do some sewing for pleasure as well, oh well one day!

MadeIt Finds :: Rainbows::

In honor of the gorgeous birthday party we had here today for Stella's 5th birthday of which the theme was Rainbows, I thought it was appropriate to do my madeit finds post on rainbows. Will post some party pics soon, and the wonderful rainbow cake that I made, but until then, enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow, where do I start??

It has been a long time since I have put any work into my blog, but I am going to try and make the commitment to change that. I feel like this is a big time of change in my life and I am really ready to embrace all those things that I have been holding back on because of life getting in the way. I feel like I am starting afresh and that I am about to begin a time where things are more about me, rather than everyone else, and that I am going to re-connect with my identity and find out who I really am and what I want to do to enjoy the world that I have created to the absolute best of my abilities. The catalyst for this renewed energy is I just had my fourth child, a beautiful baby girl - Willow Evie, and it is safe to say that she will be the final addition to our lovely little family. So I feel like a chapter is closing - no more being pregnant! I worked out that since December 2004 ( 68 months) I have been either pregnant or breast-feeding for 58 of those months!!!!! So as you can imagine I am more than ready to be Megan again rather than the incubator or the milk bar. (obviously the milk bar title will still apply for a while longer yet). I am looking forward to losing weight, getting fit, getting up earlier and going to bed earlier, developing my business further, re-connecting with my husband again - just to have a conversation about something other than the kids would be fabulous, maybe starting a course in textile design, finding my sense of style again, making time for myself, getting organised, planning for today, tomorrow and the future. So a lot of change, I will let you know how it goes. I am under no misconceptions that this will not happen overnight but as long as I can start to get things moving in the right direction I will be happy.

So what has been going on over the last months????

Some swaps I have participated in:
The Pincushion Swap (this is what I sent to my partner)
The First Urban Home Goods Swap - this apron was one of the things I made and sent to my partner, and below is what I received:
Looks so fantastic on my sewing machine, I was very lucky!!
This is what I sent in the Pillow Talk Swap #3
My swap partners name was Linnea and I did some stitching detail on the cushion cover. I received a gorgeous Cathedral Window Cushion cover from Megan at Lucy and Norman, in beautiful Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voiles.

And this is what I am working on for the next Urban Home Goods Swap:

My little business has been chugging away quite nicely too, which is great majority of the time except for when I am so busy and then get wholesale orders that are a little overwhelming! Speaking of which my current list of stockists are:

Futura Bondi - stocks Oilcloth Lunch Sacks
Byron Medicine Wheel, Byron Bay - stocks Oilcloth Lunch Sacks
Just Toy'n Around - stocks Oilcloth Lunch Sacks
Wholly Craft, Columbus Ohio - stocks Oilcloth Lunch Sacks
Bubbalooz - Stocks Womb with a View Baby Cocoons
Sunshine n' Lollipops - stocks Oilcloth Lunch Sacks and Womb with a View Baby Cocoons

I have had a few markets including Mathildas Market which was very successful. I have a few markets coming up, including:

Mums and Bubs Market
Goodwood Community Centre
Monday 4th October (Public Holiday)
10am - 1pm

Mathilda's Market
Loreto College
Saturday 6 November
9am - 1 pm

Mums and Bubs Market
Goodwood Community Centre
Sunday 28 November
10am - 1 pm

I have added Baby Quilts to the range, so I now make Oilcloth Lunch Sacks, Womb with a View Baby Cocoons, Fabric Covered Button Accessories, Girls Jackets, and Baby Quilts. As we are heading towards warmer weather I am going to add some other items to the range so once I have some of these done I will post about them here.

But in the meantime here are some of the current range:

And other than that the biggest news is the arrival of the beautiful
Willow Evie Kay!!

Willow was born on Thursday 19 August at 4:02am, in what was my easiest and quickest birth! She arrived 22 minutes after we got to the hospital and I had only been in labour about 1 and a half hours prior to that, I think I did all the hard work in the car on the way there which is the most uncomfortable thing ever when you are in a seated position. She was a very healthy 4.455kg or 9 pound 13, 52cm long with a 36cm head circumference. We are all so happy to have her in our lives and so far she is just such a joy to be around. She is the last piece to our family and I think she fits just perfectly xxx

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


(I know I am so slack as a blogger, I want to change I really do, but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!)...Anyway....

So I will be at the Gallery One Open Day Arts and Craft Market this SUNDAY 6 June from 11 - 4 it is located in Mitcham, so if you are in Adelaide why don't you come down and have a look.

This is a sneak peek at some of the Jackets that I will have for sale. This is one of the new items that I have been working on. They come in Size 0 to size 5 and are fully reversible and so cute - you may remember I had made some of these for my daughters late last year, well now they are going to be added to my range and will soon be added to my store as well.

Will post some more pics when I get a chance and once I have some more finished.

Ok, I promise I will be back with more news and happenings xx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Stockists and Features!

I have 3 stockists of my Oilcloth Lunch sacks now, so if you are in these areas you will have to check them out.

::Futura Lifestyle::
282 Bondi Road
Bondi NSW 2026

::Byron Medicine Wheel::
84 Jonson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481

or online at:

Just toy'n Around is so new that they haven't gone live yet, but it won't be long!

And I have been lucky enough to have had been featured on a few websites in the last week.

Kids Fashion Review has a review on my Womb with a View Baby Cocoons and you can also go into the draw to win one!

And over on The Handmade Co-operative one of my rings has been featured on their Sensational Six "You are my Sunshine" post.

Hope to be able to show you some new items I have been working on for a few upcoming markets very soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow EdanRose on Facebook and enter my Giveaway!

I have made a Fan page on Facebook, and when I reached 100 followers, I said it would be giveaway time. Well I am now at 126, so the giveaway is happening. You still have time to become a follower though and get your entry into the draw. You can win one of my Oilcloth Lunch Sacks and some hair accessories. International entries are welcome, so come on over and become a fan and be in with a chance!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It has been awhile!

Wow, it is already March, unbelievable.

I lost all of my mojo for a while there, be it crafting, blogging and just life in general. Feeling a bit better now and trying to get back into the swing of things.
Have had the sewing machine humming back to life (other than the usual lunch sacks which have been selling so well!) and I made jackets for the two girls which I will put some pics up for you to see.

I made the jackets from the Uptown Girl Pattern by Make it Perfect, and it was really easy. I am really happy with how they turned out. Stella's I just went for the 2 contrasting colours but India's I obviously decided to do every panel a different pattern and I think it worked well.

Speaking of India she turns 1 next friday, wow that year has just flown by!
Also, I am pregnant again, and due late August, this was a big shock and has taken me a while to get my head around and contributed to the lack of mojo. Getting used to the idea now, and figure we were always going to have 4 so it has just happened earlier than expected which is not necessarily a bad thing as it means I am that much closer to having my baby days over and maybe getting to do some things for myself.

Also if you live in Adelaide and want something to do next Sunday morning, I will be at the Mums and Bubs Market at Goodwood, where I will be selling my Cocoons, Lunch Sacks and hopefully a few other bits and pieces if I can get them made before then.

ok, will try to blog more frequently from now on!

Have a great day.