Sunday, August 23, 2009

Handmade Kids

Jemma from Handmade Kids was lucky enough to win one of my Cocoons through a giveaway with Jo from Lovestamp, and she kindly did a little write up on her website about them - so thank you Jemma! you can read all about it here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part 2...

As I was saying the other day... had some nice things waiting for me in the mail - a great pattern from Snugnluv and a couple of extra pieces of beautiful fabric - thanks again Stacey! A package from Jemma at Handmade Kids, as I have been selected for their creative people challenge, so now I have to put my thinking cap on and create something exciting with the bits and pieces that were in the package - stay tuned for that one! My scrap bag of the month club was also there with lots of pretty pinks this month.
I also received the latest installment of MixTape Zine so I am looking forward to having a good read of that one. Also got a pattern from Modern Retro Textiles and some fabrics from Bella and Vintage Chic so lots of projects to get started on!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The last few weeks

My blogging has been dismal! I must make a big effort to actually post something more regularly. So what have we been up to? hmm well, it is hard to remember what I did yesterday let alone over the last few weeks but I will give it a go.

We went to Brisbane the weekend after my birthday and it was so great to catch up with everyone. Stella and Oscar both had terrible coughs and I fear we may have left some of our germs with the Brisbane crew (sorry everyone). Spent the first night with Stu and Lav in their great big new house which is big enough for about 10 people I think - luckily they are adding to their brood to keep filling up all those rooms - congrats guys. The kids loved playing with their 2 in the morning and there was a bit of dress ups happening - so cute!

Went and checked out the Boutique Markets at Portside, mainly to say hello to Christine from Little Diva and Jo from Lovestamp. Was lovely to meet Jo after all our bloggy conversations.

Caught up with all the school friends and threw around the footy and ate some beautiful food and had a couple of vinos, which was so relaxing.

Saw all my Girlfriends and their families and the kids got to have lots of play time which was great. They really miss their little Brissy friends and I am glad that they just fall back into place after not seeing for months.
Drove out to Scarborough and meet up with Mum and Dad for a play in the sunshine and some fish and chips (was an ekka holiday, out there so needless to say Morgans was packed!), Stella told Mum that she was her best friend which Mum loved. looking forward to her coming to stay in September.

Stayed the night at Fee and Todd's and she is due tomorrow, so I am so excited to hear the news. Can't wait to see Fee as a Mummy, I know she will be great.

The next day we headed down the coast, via the Dr for the kids - cough wasn't getting any better, and checked in to our lovely super modern apartment, prompted Paul to say that when we are older he wants to live in a similar apartment in the city - I think maybe somewhere more like Noosa might be our final resting place hehehe.

Was great to just relax on our own for a few days - obviously we were too relaxed as we missed our flight home! Bloody Tiger - I was hesitant booking them in the first place and I will certainly never be booking them in the future - won't go into it, because I really can't be bothered, but $500 later and 6 hours at boring Coolangatta Airport and we were winging our way home. We flew Jetstar and when we got off the plane, I said to Paul, in future if we can't afford to fly Qantas then we aren't flying at all. I know that is a bit airline-snobby but there really is a difference in the classes especially when you are flying with kids.

So got home and had lost a whole day. But some nice things in the mail when we got home. Love opening parcels!!!
Ok, got to go make lunches so I will write a bit more later...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just another Day...

Well today is my 32nd birthday, but unfortunately my world didn't stand still - it just kept on moving which meant I still had to look after the kids, gets meals organised, tidy up after play times, split up fights between 1 and 2, feed number 3, entertain number 1 while number 2 and 3 slept and all the usual motherly duties. I would have loved to just go out for a nice calm breakfast, then maybe caught a movie, hit the shops, had a late lunch, did some sewing, caught up with friends for coffee and then enjoyed an adult dinner and a glass of wine or two... oh well apparently in 6 or so years I will be able to do that!

But all in all my day was nice, Stells and Ossie went to their first Art Class this morning ( which PK took them to, so that I could have a little sleep in, thanks darling), so naturally I got lots of great paintings and drawings from the kids for my birthday - and they were pretty good, I think this art class will be good for them, and PK said the other Mums were all pretty similar to me so maybe I might be able to make some friendships which will be great.

Anyway, I am going to toddle my 32 year old self off to bed and have a bit of a read of my Real Living mag - ah the simple pleasures.

x Megs

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New fabric for the stash

Well I had lots of yumminess arrive in the letterbox this week! And the best thing is that there is still more to come. Etsy is my new Ebay and the credit card is getting a real workout. Luckily it is my birthday on wednesday so alot of these purchases are actually birthday presents. I am going to start making some quilts which I am itching to get a start on. I need an area though that I can spread out in and then just leave everything exactly where it is and not worry about little people coming and "helping". I am participating in DQS7 (Doll Quilt Swap 7) and some of these fabrics will play a part in the construction of my swap. I will put some photos up once I get going.
Not much else has been going on since my last post - India has started to put on some good weight so that is a relief, the other 2 terrors are the same - Stella is loving Kindy and I have put Oscar on a waitlist for Day care for one day a week. They are both starting an Art Class next wednesday so hopefully they will enjoy that. We are heading up to Brisbane next Saturday - somewhat spur of the moment as Paul has to go up for work, but it will be good to catch up with friends and family. Must start doing some organising of where we are staying and the like before it is time to leave. Two of the days is down the gold coast for Pauls work part so it will be nice to be stuck there in 5 star comfort and hopefully some sun!