Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stella is 5!

My baby girl is not a baby anymore :( 5 years old and off to school after the holidays, I can't believe it, that 5 years has just flow by. So today was the big (little) birthday party, and I think she really enjoyed herself. It was a rainbow themed party and though I wish I had an extra 2 hours to hang all the tissue pom poms and to get the cake just perfect, it all worked out fine and a great time was had by all. Now that it is all over I can focus on my upcoming markets - I have so many coming up and I am not very prepared!!! And also on sewing some school uniforms, and I would love to have a few hours to do some sewing for pleasure as well, oh well one day!

MadeIt Finds :: Rainbows::

In honor of the gorgeous birthday party we had here today for Stella's 5th birthday of which the theme was Rainbows, I thought it was appropriate to do my madeit finds post on rainbows. Will post some party pics soon, and the wonderful rainbow cake that I made, but until then, enjoy!