Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling a bit better now

Well, that flu really hit me for six. I haven't felt that sick for a long time, and I am still rather blocked up but feeling majorly better than I was over the weekend. I still don't think I could go for a run yet, which is terrible, it has been 1 week since I did any exercise and I am feeling very guilty about that and can't wait to get back out there, once my head has cleared and the mountain of snot (sorry for the graphic!) has gone away, I will be out the door. Fortunately Willow is the only one who hasn't been struck down and I am very grateful for this, I just couldn't imagine for being as sick as the rest of us. She did unfortunately miss her first birthday though due to all this sickness, it was last friday, the day I could not even get out of bed, so the poor little thing had a very uneventful birthday. I decided then that we would postpone it till this week and I know she won't mind. So she will have a 1 year and 1 week birthday celebration.

It is book week at Stella's school this week and yesterday they had to dress up, and she went as the cat in the hat. Her costume was whipped up at about 10pm on monday night, but I think it looked really good, and Stell was very happy to be the cat in the hat. We were only given 4 days notice about the costume, so now that I know about these sort of things I will be ready for it next year.

Well, I have a very clingy little girl hanging off me at the moment - (India with double ear infections) so I will try and come back later and post some more.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have caught the dreaded flu from my husband and now everyone in the house has it to some degree except for Willow and I really hope she doesn't get it. SO, when I feel a bit better I will be back, have a good weekend x

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New York Dreams, now to make them a reality

As I mentioned in an earlier post I really want to go to Blogher'12 in New York next August. I feel like a bit of a fraudster though seen as though I am not that much of a blogger, but I have read that you can be a new blogger or an established blogger and still benefit from the awesomeness that is a Blogher Conference. So, in saying that I am going to save my pennies and cross my fingers and toes and every other possible thing that I can cross and work towards getting to Blogher'12 in NY!!!

Another drawcard is that it is on from August 2 -4 and wouldn't you know it my 35th Birthday will be on August 5, so I think that would be a truly amazing way to celebrate my birthday. I am going to bring hubby with me too, so that we can share in this amazing experience together (well he won't come to the actual conference, he can sightsee during that time.) and hopefully Mum and Dad won't mind babysitting for a couple of weeks (pretty please!).

Danimezza has started a blog called #AusBlogHer12, which is "A place for Aussie Bloggers to get excited about their Blogging adventure to New York", which is a great way to connect with the other aussies that are going to attend, and she had this film clip up on the blog, and really when you listen to this song how can you not get excited about going to NEW YORK!!!

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? or can this actually happen.... only time will tell!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Seeing Red For Daniel Morcombe Facebook Sale

Today only I am having a Red sale over on my EdanRose Facebook Page in Support of Daniel Morcombe. All items are reduced and I will also be making a donation to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation from every item that is sold. So come on over and take a look, remember Daniel and support his family by wearing red today (we are all wearing red today).

I can't imagine what the last 8 years have been like for the whole Morcombe family and it really makes all my daily frustrations seam totally insignificant in comparison and definitely makes me grateful for my own babies and the fact that they are safe with me today.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday SUNday

One of the things that I have decided that needs to happen to have a successful blog, is you need to be able to take a great photo, great in all aspects - colour, composition, subject, quality. I really don't know if I have any of these - except for maybe the subject, because in all honesty I think I have some of the cutest kids around - but hey don't we all? And surely that is the one thing in life that we are able to boost about.

So, when we had such a beautiful day here today and we had been cooped up in the house for the rest of the weekend seen as though Daddy is in Sydney for work this weekend, I thought I would take the kiddies out to the park for a runaround and a bit of a picnic lunch. I also thought I would try and capture some of their moments on film, but got there and the digital camera wouldn't work - damn those little hands finding the camera earlier this morning and running the battery flat and somehow managing to break the lens retreat function as well! So I just had my iphone to try and work some magic. Not sure that you could say I did that but none the less I did snap a mere 324 pics, so surely a couple must be ok. I would really like to get a fancy schmancy digital SLR one day, can anybody give me an idea on a good one? Canon, Nikon, Pentax?? I have no clue...
So here you go some pics of my beautiful SUNday with 4 of my most favourite people :)
(must say though bring on Monday afternoon when Daddy gets home! I will be out that door with my running shoes on - can't believe that missing out on exercise when he has been away is one of the main things I haven't liked about being home alone!)

See told you I still have a long way to go in the photo taking stakes!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


(This was meant to be yesterdays post, but I am obviously not very good at setting up blog posts yet!)

20kg down as of today! Feeling good, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel - who would have thought!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


(This is Stells at her beach carnival earlier this year)

A fair amount of my day today has made up of waiting for things to happen, like for instance my internet. I have no idea why it has chosen to super slow today, but it has really ticked me off. My plan gives me 25GB per month and I have had no email telling me that I am anywhere near that amount so I just don't understand. It has really hindered my new found motivation to blog and now that I am finally on here writing - what interesting topic have I decided to grace you with, but my internet frustrations! So, sorry about that.

I also had to wait around at school today for Stella's Student lead Parent Teacher Conference. This I didn't mind so much as she was so excited to be presenting this to me. It was however a little unfortunate that Daddy forgot to put it into his calendar and when I rang him 5 minutes before said conference to tell him to meet us in the playground he was still 45 minutes away, needless to say he didn't make it, so I did it solo with the other 3 kids running around the class while I tried to focus all my concentration on my lovely 5 year old and what she was excitedly presenting to me. Her teacher sang her praises and I had to briefly disengage eye contact with her as I was getting a little bit of a tear welling due from all the proud mummy feelings that I was getting from all the lovely things she was saying about my biggest little girl.

The other thing that has been cute but oh so frustrating today is my 2 and a half yr old insisting on being the one to push her baby sisters stroller all the way from the car to school and then back again. And no she can not see over the top and has no idea about steering, and really needs as much help as possible but yet lets out a loud annoying whinging noise when you try to give her any help means that a journey that will normally only take about 1 minute takes at least 10 minutes when she is "helping" me. I really have to have my chilled out frame of mind on, and by 3:15 in the afternoon it is very hard to find that one!

So these were just a few of the frustrations of my day, was your day any better?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today is a new day

Today is going to be the start of my new blogging journey. I have decided that I really want to spend more time on my blog and making it something that people want to read and that feel proud to produce. I am going to write about things that affect me and that impact my life, things that I enjoy and things that inspire me. I am sick of not being an active participate in the blogging world, I read all of these fabulous blogs and feel so inspired and yet, I still can't hit the keyboard and consistently write my own. So, today is the day that that is going to change. I decided at the start of this year that 2011 was all about me, and so far I have been really trying to stand true to that declaration. I have so far lost 19.7kg and I have started to really enjoy exercising, I can now run for 45 minutes straight which I am so proud of and I am so pleased with myself for making these things a reality. I am starting to enjoy my life again and feel like so many more opportunities are available to me now that I have more confidence and belief in myself.

I feel so inspired by the blogging community and really do belief that I too can make my mark on this platform, that I can create a place that people want to come and visit and see what I am up to. I certainly don't want to be the biggest and the best but I think I am a typical representation of a what a stay at home mum is these days, but I really don't think that is all that I am, and just because I don't have a corporate career I still think that my opinion is valid and worthy of being heard. So, this is how I am going to do that. Through this little space. And maybe someone will enjoy reading what I have to say - at least that is what I hope :)

I still have so many hopes and aspirations for my life, and really want them to one day become a reality regardless of the fact that I have 4 small children and am quite time-poor. I really do think it can happen, so this is my next goal. I have my little online fabric shop venture that I am in the process of setting up, then at some stage I am going to study textile design, and sometime in the future I am going to work as a stylist on a magazine. I am also going to attend a blogher conference and meet all those blogging idols that I have and maybe someone would like to meet me too? So there you go I am putting it out there and I am giving it to the universe so that one day it will come back to me!

Speaking of meeting blogging idols, I happened to meet Naomi from Seven Cherubs last week and it was fabulous to chat to someone who is already there, doing it all - mothering 7 children, writing a very successful blog and empowering women. She was very inspiring to me and gave me the encouragement I needed to really get serious. So thank you Naomi.

So, there you go - onwards and upwards I say, I can do and be whatever I want and the only person holding me back is myself, and there will be no more of that, because today is a new day.