Thursday, August 11, 2011


(This is Stells at her beach carnival earlier this year)

A fair amount of my day today has made up of waiting for things to happen, like for instance my internet. I have no idea why it has chosen to super slow today, but it has really ticked me off. My plan gives me 25GB per month and I have had no email telling me that I am anywhere near that amount so I just don't understand. It has really hindered my new found motivation to blog and now that I am finally on here writing - what interesting topic have I decided to grace you with, but my internet frustrations! So, sorry about that.

I also had to wait around at school today for Stella's Student lead Parent Teacher Conference. This I didn't mind so much as she was so excited to be presenting this to me. It was however a little unfortunate that Daddy forgot to put it into his calendar and when I rang him 5 minutes before said conference to tell him to meet us in the playground he was still 45 minutes away, needless to say he didn't make it, so I did it solo with the other 3 kids running around the class while I tried to focus all my concentration on my lovely 5 year old and what she was excitedly presenting to me. Her teacher sang her praises and I had to briefly disengage eye contact with her as I was getting a little bit of a tear welling due from all the proud mummy feelings that I was getting from all the lovely things she was saying about my biggest little girl.

The other thing that has been cute but oh so frustrating today is my 2 and a half yr old insisting on being the one to push her baby sisters stroller all the way from the car to school and then back again. And no she can not see over the top and has no idea about steering, and really needs as much help as possible but yet lets out a loud annoying whinging noise when you try to give her any help means that a journey that will normally only take about 1 minute takes at least 10 minutes when she is "helping" me. I really have to have my chilled out frame of mind on, and by 3:15 in the afternoon it is very hard to find that one!

So these were just a few of the frustrations of my day, was your day any better?


  1. I feel your frustration about little ones want to help at times when you really don't want it, mine is pushing the shopping trolley always when the shops are busiest and he can't steer it properly so we end up almost crashing into people or shelves. And of course if I try to gently help him it just makes it worst. Got to love them though for trying to be a big kid and help mummy out :)

  2. Megs I had one of the worst days on record yesterday that resulted in me being in tears a number of times! I'm also thinking of a blog post to vent about it!
    Today has been a much better day, dancing for the girls, a run for me and a hot choc (mine was a skinny one so as not to 'undo' the run!!) and I hope your day is going better too.
    Lovely words you wrote about Stella - great to hear that she is doing so well at school.

  3. I know exactly what you mean Kirsty - I often get lots of helping at the shops - which is why I prefer to do groceries solo!

    Karen - sorry to hear that your day was so crappy :( I fully support the odd venting post - if you can't get it all out on your blog then where can you? Good to hear things were better on thursday, hot chocolate certainly makes things feel better! I am loving running at the moment - isn't it a good feeling! Wow how things have changed in the last few months. I am so glad you are a regular blogger because I love reading about what is going on in your life :)