Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New York Dreams, now to make them a reality

As I mentioned in an earlier post I really want to go to Blogher'12 in New York next August. I feel like a bit of a fraudster though seen as though I am not that much of a blogger, but I have read that you can be a new blogger or an established blogger and still benefit from the awesomeness that is a Blogher Conference. So, in saying that I am going to save my pennies and cross my fingers and toes and every other possible thing that I can cross and work towards getting to Blogher'12 in NY!!!

Another drawcard is that it is on from August 2 -4 and wouldn't you know it my 35th Birthday will be on August 5, so I think that would be a truly amazing way to celebrate my birthday. I am going to bring hubby with me too, so that we can share in this amazing experience together (well he won't come to the actual conference, he can sightsee during that time.) and hopefully Mum and Dad won't mind babysitting for a couple of weeks (pretty please!).

Danimezza has started a blog called #AusBlogHer12, which is "A place for Aussie Bloggers to get excited about their Blogging adventure to New York", which is a great way to connect with the other aussies that are going to attend, and she had this film clip up on the blog, and really when you listen to this song how can you not get excited about going to NEW YORK!!!

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? or can this actually happen.... only time will tell!

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