Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling a bit better now

Well, that flu really hit me for six. I haven't felt that sick for a long time, and I am still rather blocked up but feeling majorly better than I was over the weekend. I still don't think I could go for a run yet, which is terrible, it has been 1 week since I did any exercise and I am feeling very guilty about that and can't wait to get back out there, once my head has cleared and the mountain of snot (sorry for the graphic!) has gone away, I will be out the door. Fortunately Willow is the only one who hasn't been struck down and I am very grateful for this, I just couldn't imagine for being as sick as the rest of us. She did unfortunately miss her first birthday though due to all this sickness, it was last friday, the day I could not even get out of bed, so the poor little thing had a very uneventful birthday. I decided then that we would postpone it till this week and I know she won't mind. So she will have a 1 year and 1 week birthday celebration.

It is book week at Stella's school this week and yesterday they had to dress up, and she went as the cat in the hat. Her costume was whipped up at about 10pm on monday night, but I think it looked really good, and Stell was very happy to be the cat in the hat. We were only given 4 days notice about the costume, so now that I know about these sort of things I will be ready for it next year.

Well, I have a very clingy little girl hanging off me at the moment - (India with double ear infections) so I will try and come back later and post some more.


  1. Love the outfit! Did you make the hat? My little girl is wanting a cat in the hat themed birthday party, and I'm going to have to find a hat like that, for sure!

  2. I'm glad you're on the mend - it's horrible when you get hit with an illness that is really bad. A cold or mild flu you can soldier on with, even if you have sick kids to tend to too.
    What a cute Book Week costume! Apparently I am doing a Seuss themed set of costumes next year as D & F want to go as Thing 1 and Thing 2!

  3. So cute! Gotta love the Cat in the Hat!