Monday, September 5, 2011

Back on my feet, I think!

Wow, it has taken a long time to start feeling better after this terrible flu, I really wouldn't wish this on my worst nightmare. It has just evolved into so many symptoms and just when you think you are through the worst of it, bang! something else crops up and you have to spend another day in bed. Unfortunately the only effect it hasn't really had on me is weight would have thought as a bonus to being so sick I could have dropped a couple of sympathy kilos! On the other hand my lovely husband who has also been sick through out this whole duration has dropped 5kgs! bloody men, why is it so easy for them!! But he is looking a little scrawny and when I looked up his ideal BMI, he is getting far too close to the underweight zone. wow, if only I had that problem. But anyway, enough about sicky things.

This week is all about Stella's 6th birthday party that is on this coming saturday. I am pinning all sorts of things that I want to try - but who knows if I will get around to doing it all. I am trying to work out whether 6 year olds still want to play games at parties and if they do what games are appropriate? Anybody out there have any ideas? I have asked Stella what she wants to do and she said play line-chasey and make up dance routines, I am thinking more along the lines of a decorating type craft activity and making giant freckles to take home. I also wondered about a game that I used to play as a kid, but can't for the life of me remember the process. It was the game where you have a block of chocolate and a knife and fork, and you have to put some dress up clothes on as quickly as possible and then try to eat as much chocolate using the knife and fork while it is still your turn, just can't remember how the rest of the game works, can anyone help me with this one??? might have to consult mr Google and see if he can shed some light on the situation.

The next 2 months are going to be full on, after Stella's party we have her actual birthday, then Mum and Dad arrive to look after the kids so that we can fly to Brisbane for a wedding, then we get back and have 2 weeks before we set off on our BIG family road trip to Brisbane via Melbourne and assorted other places. I am really looked forward to it on one hand but then petrified about it on the other, are we crazy taking 4 young children on a road trip half way across the country!!!! Only time will tell I suppose.  I am getting lots of tips from my friend Donna who is doing a road trip at the moment and travelling to some of the same places. We are going to try and make it as exciting for the kids as possible so we are going to go to the Dubbo Zoo and we are going to go to Canberra and do a few things there and I can't wait to spend some time with my sister in Melbourne. We are going to do the Great Ocean Road on the way home and I really want to stop in the Coonawarra for some wine tasting, and might have to find time to visit Daylesford as I have only heard good things about that place. Any other places we should try and check out on our journey? We are taking 3 weeks for the trip which will include about 9 days in Brisbane which will include one of our closest friends weddings, so I am really looking forward to a big catch up with all the old gang.

Ok, got to get organised and make a few more lists before I get really stressed out about this party, wish me luck!


  1. Daisy's 6th birthday party was kind of just a well catered play date. We had a few games (pass the parcel, a slimy lucky dip, some others I've forgotten) but for the most part the kids just ran amok in the backyard and the play room.
    I've been following Donna's blog for a long time and it's only recently that I've realised how she is connected to other people I know. I love those travel packs she made for her kids and I am definitely doing something similar for our big trip to Sydney and up the Central Coast at Christmas.

  2. Megs we used to play that chocolate game - you have to roll a six on a dice, then put on some silly clothing like a pair of gloves and a hat to make it harder to cut - then cut and eat chocolate til the next person rolls a six.
    If it's too hard with the clothing you could just make it til the next six is rolled.
    Glad you are back on your feet and feeling better.

  3. Oh yes that is the game! Thank you so much Karen! I knew someone would know how to play it!

  4. It is such a small world isn't it Mel! I am thinking I will have to whip up some of those travel packs too. I am waiting till she gets home and then I am going to bombard her with questions about places to go and accommodation and things like that. Hopefully will see you on wednesday night.

  5. I've played that chocolate game a couple of times over the last few years and we froze the block first. We also broke a couple of knives, so make sure you use sturdy ones! All the best with it!

  6. Chocolate game is a winner - just make sure the block wasn't kept in the fridge or you might have a bunch of very impatient little girls stabbing the block in order to shard off even a tiny smithereen of chocolate!!

    Oooh Pin the microphone on the singer might be a fun change to donkey? What about musical chairs? Kids in my class love dare pass the parcel where a toy/lolly and a dare written on paper (you and Stella could come up with these together) like "Moo like a cow" "Sing a nursery Rhyme" or "Jump up an down 10 times" etc.

    Have fun :)