Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today is a new day

Today is going to be the start of my new blogging journey. I have decided that I really want to spend more time on my blog and making it something that people want to read and that feel proud to produce. I am going to write about things that affect me and that impact my life, things that I enjoy and things that inspire me. I am sick of not being an active participate in the blogging world, I read all of these fabulous blogs and feel so inspired and yet, I still can't hit the keyboard and consistently write my own. So, today is the day that that is going to change. I decided at the start of this year that 2011 was all about me, and so far I have been really trying to stand true to that declaration. I have so far lost 19.7kg and I have started to really enjoy exercising, I can now run for 45 minutes straight which I am so proud of and I am so pleased with myself for making these things a reality. I am starting to enjoy my life again and feel like so many more opportunities are available to me now that I have more confidence and belief in myself.

I feel so inspired by the blogging community and really do belief that I too can make my mark on this platform, that I can create a place that people want to come and visit and see what I am up to. I certainly don't want to be the biggest and the best but I think I am a typical representation of a what a stay at home mum is these days, but I really don't think that is all that I am, and just because I don't have a corporate career I still think that my opinion is valid and worthy of being heard. So, this is how I am going to do that. Through this little space. And maybe someone will enjoy reading what I have to say - at least that is what I hope :)

I still have so many hopes and aspirations for my life, and really want them to one day become a reality regardless of the fact that I have 4 small children and am quite time-poor. I really do think it can happen, so this is my next goal. I have my little online fabric shop venture that I am in the process of setting up, then at some stage I am going to study textile design, and sometime in the future I am going to work as a stylist on a magazine. I am also going to attend a blogher conference and meet all those blogging idols that I have and maybe someone would like to meet me too? So there you go I am putting it out there and I am giving it to the universe so that one day it will come back to me!

Speaking of meeting blogging idols, I happened to meet Naomi from Seven Cherubs last week and it was fabulous to chat to someone who is already there, doing it all - mothering 7 children, writing a very successful blog and empowering women. She was very inspiring to me and gave me the encouragement I needed to really get serious. So thank you Naomi.

So, there you go - onwards and upwards I say, I can do and be whatever I want and the only person holding me back is myself, and there will be no more of that, because today is a new day.


  1. Well you are off to a great start. I am looking forward to sharing your adventures. Congratulations on how far you have so far too.

  2. Awesome! I feel inspired just by reading this post :) I too believe that you can follow your dreams. I look forward in anticipation as to what your new journey will bring...
    love Zoe, UMW xx

  3. Well done to you on the weight loss and running Megan but more so on the fact that you are feeling more self-belief.
    I'm looking forward to your blog popping up more often on my reader.

  4. Hurrah! It is so hard to get the momentum up to blog regularly (not unlike the effort to run regularly I think!) but you've shown you've got the persistence required. I've discovered I spend more time reading other blogs than working on my own these days so perhaps that is something to keep in mind? I'm so busy being inspired by others that I never get around to doing anything myself!