Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just another Day...

Well today is my 32nd birthday, but unfortunately my world didn't stand still - it just kept on moving which meant I still had to look after the kids, gets meals organised, tidy up after play times, split up fights between 1 and 2, feed number 3, entertain number 1 while number 2 and 3 slept and all the usual motherly duties. I would have loved to just go out for a nice calm breakfast, then maybe caught a movie, hit the shops, had a late lunch, did some sewing, caught up with friends for coffee and then enjoyed an adult dinner and a glass of wine or two... oh well apparently in 6 or so years I will be able to do that!

But all in all my day was nice, Stells and Ossie went to their first Art Class this morning ( which PK took them to, so that I could have a little sleep in, thanks darling), so naturally I got lots of great paintings and drawings from the kids for my birthday - and they were pretty good, I think this art class will be good for them, and PK said the other Mums were all pretty similar to me so maybe I might be able to make some friendships which will be great.

Anyway, I am going to toddle my 32 year old self off to bed and have a bit of a read of my Real Living mag - ah the simple pleasures.

x Megs


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Birthdays are certainly never the same as they were pre-kids. We get much less attention! he he. At least you got a sleep in though... Sometimes that's worth a hundred birthdays. xo

  2. Hi Megan,

    Happy Birthday :) and a huge THANK YOU for the package that I just received. I love the little birds! And yes, I'll get onto Lara about the gingko fabric. :)

    Have a great day!


  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!