Monday, November 7, 2011

Lets get physical!

In an effort to finally break into those pesky 60's, I have started a one month trial membership at a local gym. Last week was my first week and I think you could say that I have started off with a bit of a "gym junkie" type mentality. I did 9 sessions last week and really enjoyed it. I tried many new classes, some which I liked more than others. The Zumba was quite similar to the classes I had been doing previously so I have really liked getting back in there for a bit of fun, I have also liked the body pump class as I think I really need to work on my arms and abs, body combat was also a good one, don't know that I will rush back to the Spin class, although maybe every so often just to mix it up. I did miss my runs though so had to have a bit of a hit out on saturday morning. It is working out fabulously so far as they have a creche in the mornings and Oscar and India both love to go, Willow on the other hand is not quite so keen, but the ladies tell me that she is fine once I have gone and they distract her with something else. So, surely with diversifying my workouts and continuing to eat very clean I will start to see the scales starting with a 6! It will be the first time in a very long time and I am so looking forward to it, will also mean that I have said good riddance to 30kg so that will definitely be worth celebrating. Have been getting lots of compliments lately and it feels good to know that all my hard work is paying off. 


  1. Yah, glad its all working out for you. 9 sessions phew you must be a tired ill bunny at night! Weight should fall off now it's not the stodgy winter food and all.

  2. Wow Megan! You are looking fabulous!! With 9 sessions a week you are certainly making the most of your membership - and good on you - as you say the hard work is really paying off. Such an inspiration - thanks!