Monday, May 14, 2012

Hakuna Matata! Lion King 2 & 3 at Australia Zoo

A few weeks ago we were very lucky to be invited along to Australia Zoo to celebrate the release of Lion King 2 & 3 on Blu Ray and DVD. (Thanks Disney Australia
It was a fabulous day and having VIP status we truly were looked after like celebrities. 

It was an early start but the skies were blue and the sun was shining and the kids were in great spirits - the day started with lots of introductions and catch up with all the other lovely bloggers and their families, then the kids got their faces painted and we were off to the crocoseum for our own private screening of Lion King 2.
I was worried that the kids would not sit still for the whole movie, but they were mesmerised by the big screen and made it through to the end. 

Next up we were invited by Terri Irwin to sit in the VIP area for the Wildlife Warriors Show and being school holidays we were lucky enough to have Terri, Bindi, Bob and Wes hosting the show, what a treat! Having Terri personally welcome us to the show was a really nice touch too and the show was very entertaining. 

Being in the VIP box you also get to see some of the animals close up - hello rather large snake!

Once the show ended it was time to put some food in our bellies and we were treated to a beautiful buffet lunch and we all got some lovely gifts in our show bags. 

After lunch it was on to our private Elephant feeding where we got to go out the back of the elephant exhibition and had the luxury of the 3 elephants all to ourselves and as much food as we could feed them. One thing I never expected was for the end of an elephants truck to be so slimy and word of warning - don't let an elephant sneeze near you, I can attest that you may just get covered from head to toe in elephant snot YUK!!!

After this once in a lifetime experience it was off to wander and explore the rest of the zoo at our leisure and after a quick look at the new Africa exhibition we called it a day and took our super-buzzed zoo expedition-ors home, and one of the best bits was when they were all asleep before we had even left the carpark - who doesn't love a blissful hour drive back home in silence? not me!!
But anyway, enough about our great day, when was the last time you saw Lion King 2 or 3? A while ago? Well they are still as good as ever and since our day at Australia Zoo these movies have been in high rotation on our DVD player and I find myself singing the songs regularly! (circle of life anyone?) As well as that the books are now favourites for bedtime stories - (just wish they were the abridged versions, because by the end of the night and book with more than 10 words per page is just hard work!!) Here is a bit of a refresher if it has been a while. Out now and available in both Blu-Ray and DVD.

Lion King 2
          Lion King 3

I have to say a big thank you to Disney Australia, Australia Zoo and our lovely hosts Tara, Sophie and Michelle. We had a fabulous day and we really appreciated all the effort that went in to making this a great day out for my little family. 

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  1. I love Australia Zoo, what a treat to be a VIP there. Last time we were there we found all these school children on a holiday camp or something, in with the echidnas. Adorable. Looks like a tonne of fun & The Lion King is such a favourite. I remember taking my niece to see it at the movies in the city (big deal to be trusted as a teenager with your brother's first born) on a date (with my now husband) & that niece is 22!! Love Posie