Thursday, October 29, 2009

Browns Owls

Well I really wanted to find something to do for myself and seen as though I am very into all things crafty and handmade at the moment, and I really wanted to make connections with other people also with the same interests so I have joined the Adelaide chapter of the Brown Owls. It is a craft group first set up in Melbourne by Pip from Meetmeatmikes and is now all over Australia. I have been to 3 meetings so far and it has been heaps of fun, and great to get out of my current, less effective headspace and join in some crafty goodness and some adult conversation! So far I have been shown the basics of crochet (Thanks Tracey), and at the Mitcham meeting I learnt to make an Origami Secret Gift card,

and last night we made these funky little Owl Brooches,
I am pretty pleased how mine turned out. So looking forward to attending more Brown Owls (just wish it wasn't an hour drive to get there!
My beautiful Oscar modelling the brooch (the girls were either asleep or at Kindy)


  1. Yay for getting out and for Brown Owls!! Bugger about the travel. I read you comments on LLM's blog... If you'd ever like to chat with a SAHM who has been though isolation, settling into communities and just finding your rhythm in this crazy life, my email is on my profile :) xox

  2. That sounds like such fun!

    I love the owl brooch. It's really cute. x

  3. Yay for Brown Owls! I'm so glad your enjoying the meetings, let us know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for making the trip out to meets despite the hour long travel. We'll hopefully see you at T-Chow in a few weeks time. Have fun in Brissy x