Thursday, October 1, 2009

Could I have improved on the "Stepford Kingston"?

(image via stepford dreams)

So, back in August, Carolyn blogged about her new Kingston Invention which I just had to try cause it looked amazing and ever since Hubby and I have been hooked! Not great at all for the waistline or the diet but somethings you just have to try. Anyway, tonight I thought maybe just maybe I could improve on it - if that is possible. Paul said he thought it was pretty damn good and I agree. It is more of a dessert take on the kingston, and all you have to do is mix some nutella through some vanilla ice-cream, till it is slightly soft and then spoon into a bowl and crumble up some Anzac biscuit over the top. YUM! Now of course it is not probably what you will put on your next dinner party menu, but for a snuggle up in the couch in front of MasterChef it does the trick. Go on try it and let me know what you think.

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