Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Stash #1

Decided that this might be a good way for me to get into the habit of being a regular blogger, so I have taken Bianca's lead and I am going to start a weekly Sunday Stash Post.
This week courtesy of my iphone seen as though Paul is away and has the camera, I present you with my latest bargains! I got these 2 from The Haby Godess who isn't selling fabric yardage anymore so she was getting rid of all that she had left super cheap, and I got these 2 prints. Unfortunately it is all gone now, and I would say with the prices as low as they were they would have gone in minutes.
On the left is Trefle by Kokka and the other is Arcadia Geometrics in Orange. I have an Arcadia Layer cake and so this will be used for the backing of a quilt once I get around to using the layer cake.
And secondly this is was in one of the boxes that my "dealer" sent over during the week. It is some precuts from It's a Hoot by Moma for Moda and some yardage from the same line, which will also turn into some more quilts.

Ok, well that is the first Sunday Stash, hopefully there will be many more!


  1. Great fabrics, happy sewing with those!! Love Posie

  2. Thanks for your kind words on my new blog :) - it is great to hear of other people that have come through PND. Do you have any more markets coming up?

  3. Hey gorgeous, did i ever officially thank you for the gift voucher?? Finally used it last week at Seed on new gum boots - well bought 2 pairs of gum boots for my twins & thanks to the voucher, one pair was free. Love Posie

  4. Oh i feel like a stalker, i miss your blog posts. Just read on Kylie's blog that you move a lot, i hear you!! Love Posie