Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Week in Photos

Trying to keep up with my recent increase in blog posts, and often the best way to jog the old memory about what has been happening is to look at my photos, so this post is pretty much going to be driven by what I have recently taken photos of.

I have had some good mail lately which has seen the need for the fabric cupboard to be re-organised and tidied to make way for the 70 odd yards of fabric plus a stack of pre-cuts that arrived at various stages over the week. I only took photos before the last 2 boxes arrived so you will just have to imagine them stacked in there too. It is always like christmas when I open my boxes because often it is lines that had to be pre-ordered months before they arrived and you almost forget what you have coming - I have tried to make my "dealer" cut me off, but she is an enabler and just won't let me out! Some of the treasures in the latest boxes were Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler, Central Park, Hoopla, Sugar Pop, It's a Hoot by Moda, some Sandi Henderson, Dr Suess prints, June Bugs, Teeny Tiny Zoo and couple of books that I have been hanging out for - Handamde Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner and Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guide to Patchwork.

I also had a win on a blog recently which I will blog about once the prize arrives, but can I just say I am so excited - 11.75 yards of Heather Ross Fabrics!!! And not FFA2 which I already had, I'm taking hard to find, jump up and down for joy ones!! So I will let you drool over that one at a later date.

In terms of actual sewing there has been a lot of Market Preparation happening for the upcoming Lollipop and Mathilda Markets, and I have just received the application to the latest Gallery One CraftART Market which I will do again too. I have made the first Bee block for one of the Quilting Bees that I have joined - it was a liberated Churn dash block (I don't even know what an unliberated churn dash looks like - so this was strictly from the tutorial!), but it was actually super easy. Shayla requested only black and white fabrics and I think it will look really effective when it is finished. I also made a library bag for a friend whose daughter started Kindy this week in Brisbane, it turned out really well and was super easy - think I might make them available via my facebook page.

Speaking of Kindy Oscar started Kindy this week too! Which was very exciting, he loved it which I knew he would and it means a few more hours of him out of the house which is great and I can get a few errands done in the time he is away with just the two little girls which is much more manageable.

Stella also started back at school this week, and I was just as glad as she was to go back - man School Holidays drag on and on and on.... never thought I would complain about that!
She has her little bestie Teegan in the same class as her which is really nice and her teacher is new and seems very nice, so all is good on that front.

I started Zumba this week too, which was actually quite fun and very funny - talk about feeling un-co! They have a creche so it is fantastic to be able to do this in the day, and my is it a work out, I was completely buggered by the end. Hoping this will benefit the weight loss goals for this year. I have started Weight Watchers and so far am going quite well - 3.4kg in 3 weigh ins so that is not bad, my aim is to be at goal by September when I am going to Malaysia with my bestie for a girls only week of sun, fun, cocktails and massages - bring it on!

Anyway, Paul is in Queensland at the moment for a conference so I am flying solo till tuesday night - yuk! but it does mean that the nights are mine and I am really hoping to get some more market prep done, so I will sign off for now and go and get on to it!

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  1. I would love to try Zumba - maybe when my bubbas are a little bit older!