Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Big Road Trip Of 2011 – Part Two

 Week 2 of the trip was spent in and around Brisbane and the greater South East Queensland area. PK had the bucks party on the Saturday night and then on the Sunday we caught up with friends and family and generally enjoyed the lovely weather. Monday saw us visiting more friends and the kids got to have lots of interactions with all their old Brisbane friends, we did a lot of driving around but got to catch up with some great old friends that was nice to know that we can just slot back into our old lives whenever we are back. 

On Tuesday we headed up to My Mum and Dad’s place which I was really looking forward to as it meant that we could just chill out and laze around and not have to fit in anything  that we couldn’t be bothered doing, it also meant that Mum and Dad would take a bit of the responsibility for the kids and Paul and I could take a breather – got to love Grandparents! We were able to exercise everyday and I managed to knock 1 min 34 sec of my time of running around the 2.5km hilly circuit that is my parent’s street over the time that we were there. The kids loved being on the land too, they got to do loads of things that they haven’t done before, like feeding the chooks and collecting the eggs, going out on the tractor with Grandad and watering the gardens, it was a really fun time. 

While we were there we took a drive up to Hervey Bay and visited the most awesome FREE educational water park called Wet Side. If ever you are in Hervey Bay I highly recommend it and while you are there you should say hello to my cousin Elliot who works there.I will do another post just about this place so you can see how much fun it is! On Friday morning we headed back to Brisbane and I got to go out to the movies with a couple of my girlfriends while the boys looked after the kids. We saw “What’s your Number?” which was really funny, and Anna Faris who is the lead is my new “I want a body like hers” inspiration!  (Still a way off, but nice to have an aim, and dreams are free!) So that ended week two of the big adventure, lots of catch ups with old friends and family, re-kindling old friendships and our kids creating new ones, and really just made us realise how much we want to be home. 

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