Friday, October 28, 2011

Just another reason I hate living away from home

Tonight Paul has a big fancy work Cocktail party, but the options for babysitters has dried up - and believe me it was not that long to start with. So, it looks like I will be staying home :( I am really annoyed by this as I would actually like to go, and I know I can go if I want to pay an agency for a sitter, but I just don't want to spend $150 on a sitter, when I really need to be spending that money on other things. This has made my whole day feel very unproductive and I am in a funk that is for sure. Have not been for a run and have no motivation to do so, which of course will make me feel worse, so really need to get my head straight and turn this day around. Can't wait till we are back in Brisbane and we have friends and family to call on, so something like tonight doesn't have to be missed :(


  1. Hi megs, oh I hope you have been for a run by now to at least lift your spirits. I know what it is like, although my mother only lives up the road and I still can't count on her:(. The day will come when the kids can stay at friends!

  2. I am really looking forward to that day Karla! to make things worse it has started been raining all day. So I haven't gotten out on that run, though I might go while Paul is home later before he gets to go out. One positive is that I did go and visit a gym which I have a one month trial membership for, so I am looking forward to starting that. And I know things could be worse so really I need to end my pity party :) Hope you are having a great day, loving all your blog posts, so consistent for a newbie! Great work x

  3. I can so relate to that right now! We have a function tomorrow night which I have not got a baby sitter for :( Hope things improve for you soon! I'm going to try & have faith I'll be able to organise something in time, but I don't like our 24 hour chances...