Saturday, November 3, 2012


Seriously, November already?? I can't quite believe how quickly the year has flown by this year, although as I am typing that statement I feel like I have been saying it a lot the past few years. I was just this morning thinking about the fact that I have a 7 year old now and wondered how did that happen? I mean when did I even get old enough to have a child (or 4) or a husband or to have left home? When did I get mature enough that I sit here while my son is in exile and has been forbidden from attending a school friends party tomorrow (I may still cave...) for ongoing unacceptable behaviour. The responsibilities, the rules, the routines, the costs, the expectations sometimes it is all just too much and I wonder when did it happen that I am not still 19 and carefree?

....Anyway, life goes on doesn't it and you find a way to make it work.

So, back to November, it has been a pretty cool year really. Being home is brissy is awesome, I love the community that we have around us and the friends that we get to hang out with. Now if only my parents would put their house on the market and move closer it would be pretty much perfect (it is on the cards, just I want it to have happened yesterday).

The two bigger kids have started Little Athletics which is cool, although I find it so hard to watch them plod along when I know that if they just pushed themselves a little more they would excel. I am hoping this will happen in time, I did Little A's when I was a kid and I loved it so I am hopeful they will have the same experience.

I have a couple of trips to Sydney coming up in the next few weeks so I am looking forward to some me time, one is for a bloggers brunch just for the day and then the other is a girls weekend and the finale party of the latest 12 week body transformation round. There is going to be a visit to Zumbo the same weekend, which is probably counter-productive to the whole 12wbt thing, but nevertheless it's happening!

Anyway, better get back to the day at hand before it turns into December :)

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  1. I know - it is crazy isn't it. The older we get the quicker the years fly (I don't recall it going this fast as a kid)