Friday, September 25, 2009

Beautiful Blue Eyes and Kindy

Well as I said yesterday Stella had her last day at Kindy today for the term and after the holidays she goes back 3 days a week!! Yahoo! They were allowed to come dressed up, so she wore her tutu and fairy wings, it is still relatively cool here at the moment hence the t-shirt and tights underneath. Also managed to click some beautiful shots on Indi when we were in the car leaving Kindy, wow she has amazing eyes and eyelashes, hope she keeps them for the years to come. Nothing much else happening around here at the moment, have been finishing off an order tonight and other than that I watched Glee which was pretty funny and then got my fix of The Amazing Race. I am really looking forward to the weekend, need to get some housework done and need Paul to take the kids off my hands to be able to do that! Something has gone completely wrong with my google reader at the moment which is really annoying, by the time I get it sorted I am sure I will have 1000's of posts to read. Oh well I am going to sign off for tonight and I will be back tomorrow!


  1. Such beautiful girls! And my google reader is playing up too grrr xox