Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guest Blogger TIme!

Once upon a time a cheeky husband talked (pestered) his wife into letting him guest blog on her site... and wouldn't you know it, she let him.

Today was a windy day in the city of churches and a very uneventful one in our house; so let me call on my powers of imagination to blog about the day that "could" have been:

"As the sun started pouring through the front room of our house (our bedroom), the nanny played pirates with Stella & Oscar in the kids wing. India snuggled cosily in her cot, sleeping [literally] like a baby, a good baby who loves her parents to have sleep-ins.

At somewhere around 10am I roll over, stretch out, review the bedside clock and reach for my phone. I type S-U-R-F and dial the local surf report; 'glassy 2 to 3 foot waves all along the mid coast', is all I need to hear. I give Mrs EdanRose a kiss on her forehead, jump in to my wetsuit and stroll down to the beach. It's me and a dozen other locals enjoying a beautiful spring morning.

By the time I got home the nanny had the kids seated for lunch and Megs had ducked out for a facial. The poached free-range eggs with organic freshly squeezed juice went down a treat and I spent the rest of the afternoon reading with the kids and teaching them to write their names on the Etcher Sketcher.

Mrs EdanRose strolled back in at about 3 looking stunning and relaxed; she proceeded to laze on the couch doing some cocooning, while the kids played together with the trucks (not one fight brought out).

The kids got put to bed nice and early leaving Megs and I to have grown up conversation all night long - also the Broncos won...

But thats not how our Saturday was spent; so hopefully Sunday gets closer to that. I'll let you know with my next exciting update (If Megs lets me Blog again...)

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