Monday, September 21, 2009

Slack,slack,slack, slack SLACK!

Ok, so I am obviously not great at blogging, yet! But I am going to make a really big effort to post every day for the next month - so sorry if things get boring because I might not have too much exciting stuff to say every day of the month. But I figure I have to start making it a habit and doesn't something become a habit if you do it continuously for 21 days? I figure I need to make it the whole month so that it sticks.

Well what has been happening over the last month or so.... Lets see, Stella turned 4! Oh my goodness my baby is really growing up. My sister was in Adelaide for work for 2 weeks so we had lots of catch ups with her. Mum came and stayed for 10 days. I completed my DQS7 of which I will post pics later. Indi started to put on some decent weight - she is now 6 months old and has hit the 6.5kg mark, yay! I did another market - more on that later too. Now I am working on my handmade challenge which I will post about in the next few days when it is finished. So that is a bit of what has been happening over here, I will elaborate on some of these things in some upcoming posts. I am really up in the air about which way to go with my Cocoons at the moment. They have been really popular which is great, and I have been getting a lot of interest about wholesaling, but I am just not sure if I want to do that, or if it is worth me doing it, really need some advice on this, so feel free to give me your 2 cents worth. Obviously I would get more exposure from wholesaling but does it mean I have to put my prices up to be able to still make some money on them?? All these things to consider. Anyway, I will be back tomorrow with something to natter about :)

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