Monday, November 9, 2009

A Catch Up

Haven't posted for a while, I am just so slack, get so caught up in reading that I never end up writing, so I thought I would just do a bit of a catch up of the last little while. Everyone has been sick which is horrible especially when it has been so hot here in Adelaide, and is meant to be a consistent 37∘c all week - yuk! especially when the air-conditioner is not working the the agent/owner has now taken over 6 weeks to replace it(apparently it is happening this week - yeah right, with this weather I doubt it will get done as every man and his dog will be wanting air-conditioning installed now!).
Other than that nothing much else has been happening,
this is our haul from a recent trip to our farmers market,
the kids had their first dip in the ocean - which I might add was at 6:00pm seen as though it was way too hot before then. (N.B The Hannah Montana board was not by choice it was just in the clearence bin at Big Dubs for $5.00 so we thought it would do for now.)
(Even Indy got in on the action! How cute in these little toggies!)

I started a diet (will let you know how that goes!), had a visit from FIL- nothing much more to say on that one, and all my sewing time has been taken up sewing dancing costumes for Stella's upcoming Dancing concert - might I just add I hate sewing lycra! especially when I don't have an overlocker. Will post some pics of the final product once they are all done. So that is pretty much all the news, I went to the Quilt and Craft Fair on the weekend so I will post some pics of some goodies I got later.


  1. Oh no! A broken aircon? We actually have a portable aircon that we can use in desperate times (like when slack landlords don't bother to repair things) but I much prefer our wall mounted one.
    I'd love to take the kids to the beach but I really don't like the beach myself, and always find an excuse not to go. I know they'd love it though so I really just have to suck it up I think.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Isn't the weather just dreadful! And now Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to 39! Not nice.

    Which farmers market do you go to? I was thinking about heading over to the showgrounds next Sunday (since it is supposed to be a bit cooler then).

  3. I would love to see my baked goods but in my council area you have to have a separate kitchen - and we just can't afford that. It really bugs me - as I would love to do it. One day I will have to make the drive down to Willunga - where is the market exactly? And is it on every week?

  4. Thanks for that - I will definitely make my way over one week :)

  5. hmmm.. which farmers market? the wayville showgrounds one?

  6. No Tracey, it is the one at Willunga - worth the drive if ever you want to do something on a saturday morning - bit of a trek for you though!