Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilt and Craft Fair

I am only about 3 weeks late with this post, but nevertheless here it is.

I attended this fair and that is probably how I would describe it - Fair. Not fantastic, not totally pointless, but not quite sure if it was worth the $14 entry fee.

Did manage to purchase a few goodies, but there were not as many designer fabrics as I would have liked, and was hoping for a bit more variety. Guess I have been lusting over all the pics that people put up of the Syd/Mel Stitches and Craft shows and hoped it would have been somewhere near that kind of standard. Good news is that S&C is coming to "Radelaide" so there is hope yet.

Picked up some Kaffe Fassett, Kokka and some Echino fabrics, some ric racs, and some supplies for my class with Kellie from Don't Look now! that I have this weekend coming. I am feeling quite out of my depth about this class, but I hope I can just muddle through! I saw photos from the first class last month and it looked as though everyone had the latest sewing machines and they all looked very professional, so I am thinking I might feel rather inadequate when I turn up with my 20-30 year old Elna, and not really a clue as to what I am doing. Hopefully it won't be that bad and I will learn loads, which is all I am really hoping for.


  1. Oh lucky you!! I would love to do Kelly's class! You will be fine. Relax and enjoy yourself :) xox

  2. Hi Megs. Hope everything is going well. All good - crazy time of year as usual!! BTW, I've nominated you for a Blog Award... check out my post for the details. Christine xo