Monday, November 30, 2009

Stella's Dancing Concert

Well last Sunday night was the big dancing concert and might I just say Stella was so fantastic! She was in 5 different acts which surprised me as I thought she was only in 3, and she was one of the best in her age group. She found us in the crowd wholst making her first appearance and proceeded to blow us 4 kisses at the end of her routine before exiting the stage. This got a good cheer from the crowd and also melted Mummy and Daddy's hearts! I was so proud of her to be able to remember all of the routines and was able to keep it together in what was a long show, and was a very late night for a 4 year old (10:45pm was when we got home - why oh why do these things need to be at night!). I was also pretty happy with the outcome of the 3 costumes, although having an overlocker would have made the process of sewing with lycra so much easier - thankfully Mum has said that I can have her overlocker, so I am pretty excited about that. I have a couple of shots to show you, but nothing of the actual show as due to child protection laws you weren't allowed to take photos on the night. I now understand what all the hoopla was about leading up to the concert and now I understand why it is important for the dancers to have their night of nights, and at least now I know what is involved and I will no what to expect next year. Well done my little Stellsy!
(Just realised I don't even have any pics of the white tutu, so I will have to scan one of the professional pics and post it later...)


  1. Hi Megan, It was lovely to meet you on the weekend and it fills me with joy to see some young girls sewing and quilting. It is a gentle art which I hope wouldn't be lost on this world that seems to be going faster all the time. Reading about Stella's concert has taken me back about 20 years I remember sewing leotards and sewing on sequins for Gemma. Enjoy your babies while they are young as before you know it they will be all grown up.

  2. Oh meggsy, she's just so ADORABLE! She's such a beautiful little girl. We'll have to get to Adelaide next year for a long weekend or something, and visit - I think Frankie would LOVE Stella! Maybe Easter or Anzac day..? Queensl birthday?