Thursday, December 1, 2011

From bad always comes good - Guest Blogger Post

Hello Readers

I have the privilege of being the husband of the owner of this great Blog and she is letting me loose at the controls for one night...

So you're probably aware that we have four wonderful kids - I have always maintained that they give me the extremes of emotions, i.e. they make me more joyous than anything or anyone else in the world; and on the flip-side more outraged...

Today I had a few moments where these extremes of emotions manifested in close succession hence the title of this blog.

Moment 1
Megs was out for the night so it was up to me to get dinner for the kids. I attempted some pastsa and mince - the kids are fairly fussy so there was no sauce and the pastsa and meat cannot touch. At some point I must have used the wrong bowl or spoon or served the kids in the wrong order or did something that wasn't right that I had no idea about because daughter two (2 1/2 yrs) began a crying fit the likes of which I have not seen before.

I tried calmly talking to her; asking lots of questions; offering different forks and plates and options of food. When that failed I tried yelling; I tried moving her, holding her and ignoring her. So the crying continued and continued and climaxed with a vomit  - yep she cried so much she spewed. Poor little thing (what about poor little Daddy - no sympathy? Fair enough)

After clearing the area and cleaning the daughter I gave her a big cuddle; the vomit had at least stopped the crying (I was worried it wasn't a long term fix). So whilst cuddling I brought out some "round and round the garden, like a teddy bear" this started to go down very well with the occasional smile appearing.

And here is the kicker - whilst I cuddled her and did "one step, two steps, tickley under there..." big brother and big sister came over and wanted to join in to help their little sister. They each took turns doing tickling and then even started doing raspberries on her tummy. This worked an absolute treat and soon the worries of the world disappeared - 4 Happy children - 'some' dinner consumed. One relived Daddy!

So special to see my little children coming together to support each other - it really warmed my heart.

Moment 2
Moment 2 followed on almost immediately. As I mentioned above, only 'some' dinner was consumed which left me with a whole stack of mince left over. That's the bad. The good is that we had just run out of cat food for Ziggy (well that's also a bad). The real good is that the uneaten kids dinner became the eaten cats dinner. Happy Cat; Happy Daddy.

Moment 3
Once Mummy had come home we chatted about our days - generally this conversation revolves around the annoying things and amazing things the kids did in the previous 12 hours.

I told her the vomit story and she responded with an after school tantrum story after daughter one (6 yrs) said the "H" word (not what you think - possibly the subject of a future post from Megs). In any case Mummy was very angry with daughter on arriving home and confined her to her room with nothing to eat. Whilst in her room daughter did a huge clean up job (of what was a bomb site). Further 'good' came later in the evening when 2 y/o helped vacuum the freshly tidied bedroom.[this was before her vomit].

So there you have it - three times when good things came from bad: when I think about it, it really happens all the time!

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Thanks for reading - until next time Megs gives me keyboard access, remember something good often comes straight after something bad.



  1. Hay that is really good...and really true. I love reading/hearing about dads days with the kids - always so calm and making the best out of situations;)