Friday, January 7, 2011

Alphabet Cushion

I had seen a cushion like this on some design blog (sorry can't remember where) and the person was selling them for well over $100.00 and I thought it looked so cool and I knew that my little words and letter man Oscar would just love it, and that I could make it for a fraction of that price.

It was very easy to make - I just enlarge a basic font in word and printed that out, traced the letters onto some Steam a Seam 2 and then ironed them on to various colours of felt, cut them out, pealed off the second layer of the steam a seam and then positioned them evenly across a piece of Essex Linen in Natural and ironed them into place. I then free motion stitched around each letter in the corresponding coloured thread attached a zip to the backing which was a navy blue and white polka dot cotton that I had, stitched the two together and it was done.

Very easy and yet very striking. It was originally going to be a Christmas present, but I ran out of time so it was more of a new year surprise.

He was so happy with it and of course the older sister wants one now too, which of course I should have known.

I have decided to include it in the Bloggers Pillow Party over at Stitched in Color, so if you want to check out some other very creative cushions then go and take a look!

Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. What a fun pillow. Found you through the party!


  2. I'm sorry but I really can't look at the pillow. The happy kid got me :))))

    Seriously now, the pillow is really nice, but the kid's happiness is way sweeter :)))

  3. The pillow does look wonderful - I feel inspired but I know I would probably only get halfway through the alphabet before it would join my growing pile of half-completed projects :) ~ Christine

  4. Really like it. Looks wonderful. What a great way to design a pillow :D


  5. This is so eye catching! I may have to make one too for my wee one.

  6. I like how you included just the one print in the letters. Fun!

  7. That's a sensationally fabulous cushion Megan! Love the bright letters on the subdued background. They really pop!

  8. What a great pillow! You say it was very simple, but it must have taken ages to cut out all those letters and quilted round them!

  9. What a great pillow, I might have to make a boy version for my nephew!