Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sew It Together 2011 :: Name Tag Swap

Who is excited about Sew It Together 2011?? I know I am! I have taken on the challenge of organising this years Name Tag Swap. Judging by all of the great name tags that were swapped last year I know this is going to be a success and produce some beautiful swaps! So read on for all the important Info and then leave a comment to SIGN UP!

Guidelines are as follows:

Name tag is to be no larger than 9cm in any direction - shape is completely up to you.

Name tags will include first name only. Make sure you email me with the name you would like to appear on the tag and the correct spelling! (Blog names will be included on the access pass that you will be issued with at the event).

The Name Tag should be in made in the colours Yellow, Orange and Brown (Chocolate for those of you who can't stand brown!) as these are the 2011 theme colours.

Name tags must have a safety pin or a brooch finding on the back. They will be attached to a lanyard that you will be issued with at the event. Preferably the pin should be positioned vertically but if the dimensions of your badge require it to be horizontal that is fine too.

You can make your Name Tag using any medium you like, However, as this is SEW IT TOGETHER the only thing that we ask is that your name tag be sewn/stitched in some way. I have put together a mosaic of some of the Name Tags that were swapped at last years event to give you some inspiration, but get creative and try something new. You could use fabric, yarn, embroidery, applique, hexies, quilting, flowers, circles, shapes, crochet, ribbons, buttons, paint, paper, polymer clay the options are endless as long as some part is sewn!!

This is a secret swap so make sure that you keep the details of your swap partner a secret until after your Tag has been received by them. And remember to post pics of your received Name Tags to the Flickr page that was created for last years event which you will find here

Ok, the dates:

Sign ups close here on 28 JANUARY

Partner will be allocated and information sent out by 31 JANUARY

Completed Name Bags must be sent out to your partner no later than 4 MARCH

Please let me know if you run into any trouble or if you are going to be late sending your Name Tag as we want to have all participants with a Tag before the event.

Also please email me at megan@edanrose.com.au and advise when you have sent/or received your Name Tag so I can keep a track of where everyone is at.

So, what to do from here?

Comment below if you would like to be involved, and then send an email to me - megan@edanrose.com.au with the following details:
Name to appear on badge, Full Name & Mailing Address.

You will receive an email from me at the end of the month advising you of your partners details and then it is all up to you!

Don't forget to post your pics on the Flickr page and watch my blog or the SIT blog/facebook page for any updates and if you have any questions let me know.

Most of all, get creative and have fun!
Look forward to meeting you at SIT!!!


  1. I'm in! Wouldn't miss it for the world!

    Thank you so much for hosting, Megan!

  2. Hi all,
    count me in! The name tag I received last year was just gorgeous!
    x Juddie

  3. Yee ha cowgirl! I'm in. Although I must insisit on there being no orange in my tag..... it makes me completely nauseous!!

  4. I'd love to participate!
    Now to get my thinking cap on....

  5. I am in! I am not going to the Saturday's craft session but I will proudly wear mine at the dinner:)

  6. Yes please, me too! And I LOVE the colour combo!


  7. Yay, i'm coming to my first one, yippee, badge me up baby, love Posie

  8. Ok, I'm in, but please don't expect me to use all 3 colours together. I know I'm probably the odd one out, but those 3 colours together just don't rock my world.

    Thanks Megan for organising the swap.

  9. Definite yes from me too.
    Thanks for organising it!

  10. I would love to be apart of the name exchange

  11. Yes please would love to join in.

  12. Hi, yes please... count me in!

  13. This is my first Sew It Together and I'd love to be a part of this.
    Thanks for organising it.

  14. I will try my best - better starting thinking of a design....

  15. Yay coming to my first sew it together so excited count me in!

  16. I'm in! a little worried about what to make, but in.


  17. I'm in. Just got to think what to make

  18. Put me in too please. Ooooh this is scary but exciting!

  19. yay, I made it just in time. Count me in please.

  20. I'm in of course - sorry it took me so long to sign up - Susie

  21. I'm in! Thanks for organising

  22. Another last minute joiner..sorry it took me ages too.
    Looking forward to it!

  23. Please sign me up, have also sent you an email. Thanks so much for organising!