Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Outcome - and do you want to win $250?????

My oh my doesn't time just get away from you? I was spose to post this days ago, but low and behold life got in the way and it just never happened. But fear not here it is.

Now, I know you all must be sitting on the edge of your seats to see if this dish got clean? (ok, so you probably aren't but you can humour me can't you?)

Well, the outcome is this.......
Yes, it is clean! Yay! Needless to say Finish Quantum is a pretty nifty little dishwashing tablet, and it is true what they say (Finish and FatMumSlim, if you read her blog), the inside of the dishwasher really does sparkle after using these tablets, so of course that only means good things for your glassware and cutlery. All in all, I think it is pretty good, and would buy it again.

Now for the exciting stuff!!! So my friends at Soup and Finish have given me $250 to give away to you my readers! And the way that I have decided to distribute it is in two prizes as follows:
  • First prize is a $200 Voucher of your choice (please make it somewhere that the voucher can be purchased ONLINE)
  • Second prize is a $50 Voucher of your choice (again ONLINE please)
How cool is that! You could use it to get that bag that you wanted at Myer or that gorgeous dress from Witchery, Or perhaps a Body Treatment at Endota? Going on holiday? would a voucher from Flight Centre be a big help? or perhaps you need a late night shop in your pj's at your favourite online store? Well as long as they have vouchers available online then it's yours!!

So, what do you have to do?
  1. Become a Follower of my blog
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me "What is amazing for you... every single time?" (Finish Quantum thinks their product is amazing every time, but wants to know what you find amazing? Paul thinks diving into the ocean is amazing every time. I think going to the toilet ALONE is amazing every time - cause it doesn't happen often!)
  3. Tell me where you would want your voucher from (you can change your mind at a later date, if you win, I am just curious where everyone would choose)
The Boring Bits:

Only one entry per person
You must be an Australian Resident - sorry to all my international readers :(
Competition is open until next Saturday 29 January at 9pm
Winner will be drawn randomly either via that random number computer thingo or by a little hand out of a big bowl!
Winner must leave an email address or must check back to see if they are the winner and make contact within 7 days or the prize will be re-drawn

Ok, so that is it! Good Luck and make sure you enter and leave your comment, I can't wait to see who the lucky winners will be!


  1. The thing that I find amazing, every single time, regardless of how many times I do it, is seeing my unborn children on an ultrasound scan. Given how many children I have you would think it would lose it's wow factor but nope, it brings me to tears of amazement time and time again!

  2. 1. I followed already but now I'm 'official'.
    2. What is amazing for me, every single time, is when I pop in for that last goodnight kiss whilst my daughter sleeps before I go to bed... and even if we've been arguing all day or busy as beavers, I still feel a tug on my heartstrings and an overwhelming feeling of love when I her gorgeous sleeping face. I love her till eternity and back.
    3. Voucher source??????? An online fabric store of course!!! Now to pick which one.....

  3. Every day when I finish work, my lovely partner asks me how my day was. Every day I babble and vent and talk and forget to ask him the same.... But he loves me flawed anyway. Everytime he asks me how my day was, I'm reminded how lucky I am.

  4. So far two comments that I totally agree with! An ultrasound picture is the most amazing photo you will ever see, and Gillian I feel exactly the same way, it just takes me a bit longer to get around to every little person in my house :)

  5. Whoops, hadn't seen and therefore approved your comment yet Mel :) I could totally drop $250 bucks at Witchery any day of the week. And isn't it nice to be appreciated by someone so unconditionally!

  6. Following blog. Similar vein to the comments above- childbirth is amazing every time. I even get emotional watching animal documentaries! Would use voucher either at Charlipop Kids, Little Yoyo Styles, Kawaii Kids or The Toy Bug.

  7. Hi Megs, lovely giveaway!

    1. I was already a follower
    2. After losing our first baby I am always amazed by my three living healthy kids, even if they make lot of noise and mess and drive me crazy sometimes. ALthough all three of them mean the world to me I am still extremely amazed by the fact that I had twins, TWINS, TWO babies growing in me at the same time, giving birth to TWO babies and now TWO toddlers that are so similar yet so different, I can't even begin to imagine them as twin teenagers! Actually, my whole life is pretty amazing as I lived in The Netherlands until 4 years ago and had never been to, or had the desire to go to, Australia, yet this is where my husband lived so I left my whole world and my family to start my crazy life here. Now I have three little ones and am amazed by how happy and settled in I feel here. Lots of things you didn't know about me Megan.
    3. I think I would spend it at Little Yoyo Styles on one of those beautiful wooden toy kitchens for my three little ones to play with. Maybe I should pick something for myself but then when they have fun I am most happy.

  8. Hi Megan!
    What is amazing for me - every single time is the simle my little boy gives me when I get him from his bassinet each morning. He's always so happy to see me. I'll never ever get sick of it.
    Cherry x

  9. Oh I forgot where I'd spend it?! Hmm I think it would be on yarn, yes that is very tempting. x

  10. I use Finish powerball Quantum and I get the same great results too! I am a follower...
    Amazing?? .... I'd have to say our Australian landscape. I'm a city girl at heart, but now that I live in the country my husband and I spend a lot of time 4WDing. Every time we go for a drive I am blown away by the beauty of our amazing land.
    I would spend the online voucher on fabric, probably at Quilt Fabric Delights.
    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway Megan!!

  11. Hi Megs, your blog is fabulous.
    My most amazing thing would definitely have to be my daughter - watching her grow up is incredible and each day brings something new and amazing.
    I would probably spend the voucher at Pumpkin Patch, it's just not possible for Miss 4 to have too many clothes! ~ Christine

  12. Hi Megan :) I think it's pretty amazing every time a seed grow into a little plant. It's been happening so often in our new veggie patch and every time I delight in seeing those first two small green leaves pop out of the soil to greet the sunshine.

    I would spend the online voucher on... Bunnings!
    xxx Tracey

  13. Amazing is what comes out of my kids' mouths. I love hearing their interpretation of the world around us.

    I would spend the online voucher at Crafty Mamas because I really like European fabrics and patterns.

  14. just became a follower.
    i find nature amazing. everytime i watch a David attenborough documentary i learn something i never knew. as for a voucher, an online fabric store definately...but which one?

  15. Hi Megan, a)Every time we take friends to our special picnic spot beside the Harbour Bridge at Kirribilli for fish & chips and some vino - which just happens to be the best free view in Sydney - I am amazed every time how beautiful our harbour really is! b) Also, how excited my girls get every night when their Dad arrives home from work! Does Fishpond/Book Depository do online vouchers... if so that is me! Or maybe Prints Charming or Calico & Ivy? Too many options!!! Looking fwd to meeting you at SIT. Cath

  16. Amazing every time is any time spent as a family. I cherish these moments when we are all relaxed and together! I am thinking fabric, or the new MIP patterns. Kelani perhaps!

    See you at SIT :)

  17. What is amazing for me is seeing both my boys growing up, the 3 yr old just astounds me every day with the things he says and days (in a good way) and with the baby I had forgotten how amazing the 1st year can be. As I am banned from spending money on fabric at the moment I would have to say a voucher for a fabric shop, too many to choose at this moment :)

  18. Hi Megan,

    Australian attitude towards flood relief is AMAZING to me. So many people affected and so many more people helping.....

    Gee to many online stores to choose from

    Cheers kiri

  19. I've been following you in Google Reader but now I've 'Followed' you properly.
    What amazes me everytime I see it? The ocean. I can't imagine a life where I am not within a short drive of the sea. I love it throughout the year too - not just in summer - as it reflects the colour of the sky and the different moods of the weather. It can be calm and gentle and then in a heartbeat turn dark and malevolent. Amazing. :)

  20. Hi Megan :)
    1. I am a followe :)
    2.What is amazing for me everytime?
    Watching the interaction betwen my husband and my 3 1/2 month old daughter. It is amazing how they have bonded and it makes me smile and I can't help but stare. She is definately daddy's girl.
    3. I would love a coles myer gift card, then I can spend it on whatever I felt like at the time :)

  21. Firstly I concer that these are great! Thank goodness for dishwashers!

    1. I am a follower :)
    2. I am amazed by my daughters new words. When she pops out with something that she has never said before, I just love it and I say to my hubby did you hear that, she said.... also the way she picks things up so quickly when you have done it once she knows what to do from there on... amazing little minds :)
    3. I think I would spend the voucher on something for hubby, my 2 princess and me. Maybe a family item like some games we can play in the summer afternoons outside :)

  22. I thought I replied already ... but obviously not :)

    I'm following along now :)

    Amazing for me everytime... is actually sitting and knitting. It makes me feel good - I don't know why I don't do it more.

    And as for a voucher? I'd choose one of those places that turns your blog into a book.

  23. what a cool idea Leah! Although I might have to wait until my blog is actually interesting!

  24. What amazes me EVERY SINGLE time is my daughter calling me mum! It still to this day blows me away that im a mum to a beautiful little girl!! :)

  25. Very odd - I am certian that I entered this!!!

    Anyway - What amazes me this week is how excited a little girl can be at starting prep and being so tired that only adrenalen got her through:)

  26. Am a new follower :)
    What is amazing for me every single time?
    Every time I look at my stunning baby girl, and wonder how it is possible that two rather
    funny-looking people like myself and my husband could produce such beauty! I know I'm biaised, but she really is gorgeous.
    A Myer voucher would be nice.

  27. Oh yippee, what a great prize. Already follow, tee hee, thanks Megs!!
    What amazes me every time . . . have to say every time my soldier comes home, no matter how long he's been away, what he's seen or how far he's come from, our children always run up to him at the airport or sea port, kisses, cuddles, hugs & sheer joy in their hearts & faces that their daddy is back, all the time apart has disappeared in an instant. From our high schooler (who i can still trick into why we're going to the airport) to our 4th child, it's always the most exciting feeling when they realise Daddy is coming home.
    Guess what, we did it last night!! Only for the weekend then he's off again, but the joy they feel today, it's palpable. Oh & i'm pretty thrilled too. I can quickly blog as he's outside playing with the children, they love time alone with him, i'm the constant, he's the fun!!
    Thanks Megs, have yourself a great weekend too, love Posie

  28. Hi, already one of your followers :)

    What amazes me every single time is when I drive around the southern coast of New Zealand. I may be biased because thats where I grew up, but even now (having lived in many other places) I still am awe struck. The beauty has to be seen and experienced in person to be believed. Photos and TV do not capture how beautiful and mysterious it truly is.

    I would probably spend the money at an online babystore (due in 2 months) or an art shop (I really want to get some new oil paints and a printing set!)