Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief

Toni from Make it Perfect has organised a whole bunch of bloggers and crafters to run auctions and sales to raise money for the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. You can go and check out her blog for the list of everyone who is being involved. Most sales will start on Monday but some are underway now. So get involved and give generously to a really worthwhile cause.

Brisbane is my hometown and I am just at an absolute loss watching all the images on the tv of places that I have been a million times and suburbs I have lived in, restaurants that I have eaten at, roads I have driving on, car-parks I have parked in and bridges I have walked over, venues where I have some of the happiest memories of my life - like our wedding and friend's weddings, riverfront parks where we have had the kids birthdays are in a state of absolute devastation and I just don't know how they can ever recover. I feel so helpless being here and not knowing how our friends and family are coping, and our little house that is fortunately not in an affected area, but it is in such a low area and I just have my fingers crossed that it is not going to end up suffering in some way.

Anyway, I will put my auction post up over the weekend and please come back and give generously, the people of Queensland really need our help.


  1. My auction & raffle are up live, my small way to help. So heart breaking to see what has happened to your home town, my husband lives in Brisbane, he's trying to get back now. Love Posie

  2. It's so tragic.
    Not the same scale but I understand some of what it must be like for you watching all this from afar. Last year when NZ had its earthquake in Christchurch (which is where we moved from) I knew I was fortunate to not be there for it but it felt so strange to be away from it and everyone I knew who was still there trying to make sense of what was happening to their homes and our beautiful city.
    Thoughts are with you and everyone else from Queensland.