Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will it come off??

I have been sampling lots of products for Soup over the last couple of years and it is awesome when I get something new in the mail to try and to share with others. This time however they have asked me to blog about it and so that can only mean good things for you - my readers!

So the product that I am trialing at the moment is Finish Quantum, the latest dishwashing tablet. The claim is that this is the latest, most premium product for dishwashing and that the shine will be amazing. I am going to test it out on this casserole dish that has a red tomato based sauce baked into it and we will see how we go!

I will be back tomorrow with the results - in the meantime you should definitely go and check out Soup, they need people of all demographics to test new products and services on the market and it is heaps of fun. Also, if you use a dishwasher and you live in Australia I would be happy to pop a sample in the mail for you - just post a comment or drop me an email at: then you can let me know what you thought of the product too.

And lastly, and the best bit if you ask me, is that there is also going to be a giveaway, all the details will be in the next post when I reveal whether or not the tablets worked and just quietly the prize is $250 worth of vouchers!!!! courtesy of the lovely folks at Soup and Finish Quantum!

So, watch out for tomorrows post!

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